RainFresh Bottled Drinking Water is anufactured in Brunei Darussalam by SUPERWATER MARKETING SENDIRIAN BERHAD.  The water undergoes through a series of filter and continuous dosing of  “OZONE”. The filtration Plant is from Prominent, which is a German technology



“OZONE” was discovered sometimes in 1840.  It consists of 3 atoms of Oxygen (O³) and it was used as a  disinfectant in drinking water by 1893. 

In 1982, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared ozone use in bottle water.  In 2000 FDA and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) approved the use of ozone to treat drinking water.  “OZONE” recommended doses are from 0.01 – 0.05 ppm (parts per million).


No chemical is used.  Ozonated Water is bacteria free, virus free, stain free, good tasting, clear and safer for the environment.  Use in more than 2000 water treatment plants worldwide.

Ozone is able to inactivate bacteria and virus much faster than chlorine.  Killing rate is 3.125 times and is not producing trihalomethane and non-carcinogenic.  Long shelf life and in code of hygienic practice for bottled drinking water ozone as a Microbial Reduction Process.

Research shows drinking ozonated water helps you in:

Allergies Carcinoma ( a cancer) Cold sores Headaches
Gastric or gastritis (inflammation of the stomach) Gum diseases Mouth Ulcers Thrush (diseases usually of infants affecting the mouth & throat)
Ulcers Increase blood circulation Reduce infections after dental works Help remove free radicals
Helps colds, flu and virus Increase the oxygen level throughout Accelerates the healing process Aging
Toxicity Cell damage etc..    

Hydrogen peroxide (H202) is a natural by product of most ozone oxidizing process and Hydrogen peroxide is another great natural alternative for your health.

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