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The purest bliss comes from nature and the best water there is rejuvenates and heals from within. RainFresh’s Super Oxygenated Water is sourced from the purest spring water in the depths of Brunei’s breathtaking rainforests. We are proud to be Brunei’s no. 1 bottled water brand that continues to nurture and revitalise for generations to come.


SUPER WATER MARKETING SENDIRIAN BERHAD was established in March 2005 in Negara Brunei Darussalam.

RainFresh Super Oxygenated Water is Bruneis leading brandof bottled water and we are proud to be the first bottled water company in Brunei Darussalam to achieve ISO 22000 certification, HACCP certification and Halal certified product.

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To provide hygienically produced high quality purified bottled waterat optimum cost within specified delivery time and meeting statutoryand regulatory requirements (Public Health (Food) Regulations, 2000)to guarantee total customer satisfaction and continual improvementof the management system.


SuperWater Marketing Sdn Bhd utilises advanced production system, together with an exceptional team of staff we strive to provide consistency excellent products to the local market and beyond.