The love from Mother Nature nurtures and cultivates the life on Earth. We reciprocate her love by committing our brand to sustainable practices. For over 10 years, we remain focused on our mission to create high-quality products that are loved in Brunei and our regional markets, while doing our part to minimalise the impact on the environment by refining our production processes. As the plastic waste problem is growing on a worldwide scale, we are also helping education and recycling initiatives to reach more people in the SEA region. The RainFresh brand is proud to have contributed to several environmental-saving efforts by non-profit organisations.


The RainFresh brand is birthed from nature and it is in our philosophy to protect and care for the environment. Since day 1, we have been working tirelessly to preserve the existing environment of the spring from where RainFresh water is sourced. Our team of experts monitor and manage the water source all year round to ensure that it is not disturbed and is viable for generations to come.


We pledge to be an environmentally sustainable brand by partnering with consultants to monitor and reduce our carbon footprint. Each year, we review and investigate innovative ways to improve upon our existing production processes as a way to reduce our impact on the environment.

Since 2010, our company contributed to environmental causes in the region to preserve and conserve endangered ecosystems. We are working on reducing environmental impact at each stage of our product’s lifecycle, starting from production to end consumers. At the core of our sustainability efforts, we believe that education can and will change the world. As RainFresh is working towards lessening environmental impact, we invite you to do your part by practising recycling for a better, greener future for our children.