RainFresh Super Oxygenated Water originates from natural-occurring spring located deep inside Brunei’s untouched rain-forests that are surrounded by the undulating hills of Borneo.

The water from the aquifer seeps through layers of rock strata then resurfaces to form a hill spring with a unique mineral composition with a refreshingly excellent taste.

The story of RainFresh Super Oxygenated Water is just about to begin.


RainFresh Super Oxygenated Water has had a remarkable journey from years and years of natural filtration through rock and soil, and away from any form of human contact.

This amazing water is then captured at the spring and its health benefits is further enhanced using advanced ozone treatment technology from Germany to remove bacteria, viruses and other harmful components to ensure that is 100% safe for drinking, with the added benefits of containing 5 times more oxygen compared to normal water.

This unique combination of nature and technology brings forth a wonder that is RainFresh Super Oxygenated Water that helps to heal and rejuvenate the human body.